Pain Free Ways to say No Thanks

We’re often asked, “What’s a polite way to turn someone down”? Whether you’re a couple, single woman or single man, here are a few mature phrases we suggest using in these delicate situations. These can also easily be used by vanilla singles.

  1. It was great meeting you however I/we just don’t feel the chemistry
  2. I had a blast however I/we got more of a friend vibe
  3. We had a fun date, but I/we just did not feel a sexual connection
  4. You both seem wonderful however I/we didn’t feel a spark
  5. I don’t see this going in the direction of a sexual relationship and that’s what I/we are looking for
  6. I/we appreciate the opportunity to get to know you, but I/we should be honest that I/we don’t see a future hanging out together
  7. I/we respect you so I/we want to be straightforward that despite having a nice time, I/we don’t see this going anywhere
  8. You’re a lot of fun, unfortunately you are not what I/we are looking for