Do’s and Don'ts

Living in the Lifestyle/Swinging means different things to each person as well as couple. People enter the Lifestyle for many different reasons however we have some common sense green light/red light situations to keep in mind.

Green: Be honest! Discuss with your partner what you want, what you need and what your fantasies are before entering the Lifestyle and then keep it going while you’re in the Lifestyle. This is a journey…not a destination.

Red: Don’t be fake just to make your partner happy. Only do what you truly feel comfortable doing. Resent is sure to occur if you don’t stay true to yourself.

Green: Know what your desires are and share them with your partner.

Green: Use protection…no one likes STD’s!

Red: Don’t rush or allow your partner to rush you. Don’t allow someone you are playing with to push you past what you and your partner set up as boundaries. Go at the flow you and your partner agreed to.

Green: Attempt new things that are within you and your partner’s rules/boundaries.

Red: Don’t play outside of the limits you and your partner set up. This is about the “we” and not the “me”.

Green: As a couple, as partners, only go as fast as the slowest person

Red: Even if you are not interested in someone…don’t lie. You don’t want to gain a reputation. A simple no thank you to a verbal or written request is easy.

Red: Don’t bring drama to a Lifestyle event. Make sure you are having fun. If you aren’t…go home, regroup and determine if the Lifestyle is right for you and your partner.

Red: Rude or condescending…don’t be either!

Red: In your profile, don’t lie about your age, rules, boundaries, size or looks (keep your photos updated…this is a Lifestyle where we actually meet in person).

Green: Respect the limits of who you are playing with.

Green: Remember there’s always “tomorrow“.

Red: Don’t push anyone else’s limits…it’s uncool and can cause serious problems.

Red: Do Not Cheat!

Green: Have fun…if you are not having fun then what’s your reason for being in the Lifestyle?